Orlo Basin Wall Mounted

United Products

The ambition for the Orlo Collection was to design a range of bathroom products equally at home in either the contract or domestic markets,” says Rennie. The collection includes a bath, wall mounted basin, and two bench mounted basins, one round and one rectangular. Each piece was designed with an intentional interplay of soft and rigid elements, contrasting gentle internal curves with crisp, thin edges. The collection is architecturally informed, yet neutral enough to work in a range of environments, from a professional space to a home ensuite. The idea of including a ‘shelf’ area informed the direction of each design. In the bath, the shelf functions for both storage and comfort, acting not only as a space to store soaps and sponges, but also as an area where the user can rest their head. “The soft internal curves and radii become instantly inviting, yet the bath still retains its elegant architectural crispness due to the thin edge sweeping around the perimeter,” says Rennie. A shelf formed by a seamless dip runs along the back or side edge of both the circular and rectangular basins. The area can be used to store items such as soap or toothbrushes, or mount tapware, with space left to the side if needed.


W-450mm D-350mm H-160mm

Photography: Haydn Cattach
Styling: Nat Turnbull