An international multidisciplinary design office focused on developing products which are precise, yet simple, and above all meant to be enjoyed.

Working across a wide range of typologies, the studio aims to breathe new life in to the repetition of domesticity, and to do it in a way that engages the user and elicits an emotional reaction, which is the very essence of our philosophy. For us, design is a shared process, the finished product owing equally to the vision of a manufacturer, the needs of a user and our own passion for exploration.

The studio has a comprehensive knowledge of materials and technology, and constantly seeks to push their limits. We explore solutions through investigation that take inspiration from interaction with everyday items.

Palazzo Cat Tower

Rippu Bath

Uneri Basin

Saldo Side Table

Chart Rug

Sunni Café Table

Orlo Bath

Hikoi Table

Rippu Basin

Soba Side Table

Undara Bowl

Angle Console Table

Atelier Lamp

Rippu Pedestal Basin

Uneri Bath

Hawthorn Console Table

Elise Round Table

Kooii Cabinet

Chiku Shelving

Boaz Side Table

Orlo Basin Round

Uneri Wall Basin

Softly Sofa Bed

Orlo Basin Rectangle

Softly Sofa (2 Seat)

Sway Lamp

Rippu Wall Basin

Uneri Pedestal Basin

Uneri Bath Round

Mushroom Lamp (Indoor)

Mushroom Lamp (Outdoor)

OS1 Chair

Ellisse Rectangle Table

Orlo Basin Wall Mounted

Pony Side Table

Softly Sofa (3 Seat)

Sunni Side Table

Still Vase

Kiko Chair

Wyrie Table

Rakii Coat Stand

Angle Shelving

Saldo Table

Lunar Floor Lamp

Perch Stools

Angle Coffee Table